Everkeen Group, since 2009, has proven to be an experienced property development and housing construction company. Through shared expertise our co-directors, respectively a registered builder and a qualified Chartered Accountant, along with the rest of the team, bring together a variety of talents in development, construction, building design, finance and property management.

With solid organisational and managerial systems in practice, our extensive portfolio consistently showcases the exceptional performance we bring in delivering projects on time and on budget. The broad coverage of expertise has also enabled us to find our competitive edge in the industry by taking a comprehensive approach to deliver projects.


Alongside with our own successful development and construction business, we offer a range of services within the property space including, development management, building design, construction optimisation solutions and property management.


In our organisation we believe in and strive with the following values:

An ever-keen attitude: towards everything we do and delivering a satisfactory outcome for customers.

A passion in property: to create innovative spaces and to promote liveability along with affordability.

A candid mindset: within our organisation and towards all external stakeholders.

A willingness to change: to adapt to the ever-changing environment and adopt new technologies and methodologies to stay an edge ahead.


To become an industrial leader in boutique property development projects and housing construction and to assist customers with property development needs by providing one-stop solutions.